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Thursday, 24 November 2016


Assalamualaikum...we just received our exam results and guess what!! I did pretty much better than the last exam..

Well, i'm not gonna talk abt my results but actually about how we appreciate something that has happened to us or has been given to us..SO ASK YOURSELF, "what has happened to me today?"
Don't just think about the good ones but also the bad ones...WHY?? Simply because the good ones bring us happiness and the so-called bad ones make us realize our weaknesses so that we can improve itt..

FOR ME, i woke up today,went to school,chatted with friends,met my teachers especially the ones who were going to leave school/retire,ate,slept a little bit,and you know,all the other common stuff we do at school(share with me what you do at school)..sometimes,we often take granted of these little things because we think its just something normal.

BUT heyy,what would happen if someday you woke up,then your parents were not talking to you,or you fell ill and couldnt go to went to school,but you felt bored all the time...i learned that we should be grateful of we have even though its just something small(got big meaning though)..
For example,our hearts still beating,God is still answering our prayers,we still have family and friends,we get to eat,sleep,learn easilyyy..

So lets not waste this life by taking granted even the smallest things in our livess..It's true what they say..."You only realize what you have when it is already gone"...
Till next timee

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