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Friday, 5 May 2017


what's up peeps!!
tried to find time today to post something...

so this year i'm taking sisters tell me its not a big deal but to me,it is!!
So here is one of my life conflicts..
Surpassing the benchmark that my sisters set is something i enjoy because i need to work really haaaaard...and i also like burning the midnight oil..
i dont know if its good or not,but so far i'm not stressed but dont copy me.😁😁
so what do u think of sibling rivalry???

for those who don't know, pt3 is a school-based examination for form 3 students...
there's written test,listening test and also speaking test..
ohh..and there's also kerja kursus for geography and history..

one of my problems now is that i cant stick to a certain study method..i tend to changeee..
i know its not the right time to experiment things but i think i should give it a go..
please share your study method...hope it helps mee..

to all the pt3 candidates out there...goodluck and never give up....even if your results arent that good,never stop trying because sometimes you're just one step away from embracing victory!!!

the key to success is this: