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Friday, 5 May 2017


what's up peeps!!
tried to find time today to post something...

so this year i'm taking sisters tell me its not a big deal but to me,it is!!
So here is one of my life conflicts..
Surpassing the benchmark that my sisters set is something i enjoy because i need to work really haaaaard...and i also like burning the midnight oil..
i dont know if its good or not,but so far i'm not stressed but dont copy me.😁😁
so what do u think of sibling rivalry???

for those who don't know, pt3 is a school-based examination for form 3 students...
there's written test,listening test and also speaking test..
ohh..and there's also kerja kursus for geography and history..

one of my problems now is that i cant stick to a certain study method..i tend to changeee..
i know its not the right time to experiment things but i think i should give it a go..
please share your study method...hope it helps mee..

to all the pt3 candidates out there...goodluck and never give up....even if your results arent that good,never stop trying because sometimes you're just one step away from embracing victory!!!

the key to success is this:


Wednesday, 7 December 2016


saw the title????

I had suffered quite a hard year this year,hitting the books at my fullest because next year exam pt3 wehh..struggled between life as a human,daughter and student..

BUT..Alhamdulilah,this year's vacation helped me chillax a bit..i realised that it is fun travelling inside the country than going overseas..pity me for not appreciating the magnificent charms of malaysia..*sobs* *sobs*..ohh..malaysia tanah airku.(okay,jgn propa sgt)


not that quite of a holiday..actually went to pick-up my sister from her school there..i wonder how orang nogori can stand how spicy their dishes are..*had to go to the toilet several times bcoz of nasi lemak cili padi*..reallyy salute you guys..kak long said if i cant stand malaysia spicy food,dont ever dream of going to korea..i'm like okayyy,i know..πŸ˜”..rumah minangkabau dia mmg cantikk!!!


a beautiful island in kedah..u can get there by ferry from kuala kedah or kuala perlis or even by a lot of things to do mehh..jet-skiing,island hopping,shopping at idaman suri and hig..
shopping tip: hig has all sorts of chocolate so better prepare moneyy
                      idaman suri has things u need for your house like towels,decorations,bedsheets,and                               mainly kitchenware

thats all for did your vacation turn out??

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Assalamualaikum...we just received our exam results and guess what!! I did pretty much better than the last exam..

Well, i'm not gonna talk abt my results but actually about how we appreciate something that has happened to us or has been given to us..SO ASK YOURSELF, "what has happened to me today?"
Don't just think about the good ones but also the bad ones...WHY?? Simply because the good ones bring us happiness and the so-called bad ones make us realize our weaknesses so that we can improve itt..

FOR ME, i woke up today,went to school,chatted with friends,met my teachers especially the ones who were going to leave school/retire,ate,slept a little bit,and you know,all the other common stuff we do at school(share with me what you do at school)..sometimes,we often take granted of these little things because we think its just something normal.

BUT heyy,what would happen if someday you woke up,then your parents were not talking to you,or you fell ill and couldnt go to went to school,but you felt bored all the time...i learned that we should be grateful of we have even though its just something small(got big meaning though)..
For example,our hearts still beating,God is still answering our prayers,we still have family and friends,we get to eat,sleep,learn easilyyy..

So lets not waste this life by taking granted even the smallest things in our livess..It's true what they say..."You only realize what you have when it is already gone"...
Till next timee

Friday, 21 October 2016


well,we always hear these kind of phrases from orang yg sering mengeluh dengan keadaan diri yang dh cukup sempurna but they just want more..dan saya mengaku bahawa adakalanya saya pun tergolong dalam kumpulan refrain ourselves from this kind of mentality,we have to accept that dalam hidup ni,Tuhan gave us a life that suits us the most..even though sometimes maybe we think that it just doesnt fit surah al-baqarah ayat 216,Allah berfirman'Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu,padahal ia amat baik bagimu,dan boleh jadi(pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu,padahal ia amat buruk bagimu;Allah mengetahui,sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.' Daripada ayat ni,kita cuba belajar yang those things that we think as unsuitable blh jadi benda yang paling suitable dgn hidup kita..wallahualam..

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hey people!!
Just came back from a debate comp..2nd time at nationals actually..Had a wonderful time there..Alhamdulilah,got the chance to meet many fun and great debaters from all over the nation..most of em were form 5 so this is our first and last year meeting at the datuk wira abdul rahman arshad challenge trophy english language debate..pheww..what a long namee..well i hope we'll meet in future or maybe better in Jannah😁..i really hope we're gonna represent the state again!!

Friday, 5 February 2016


hey guys!!
yeah so for the first time..i decided i wanted to start my blogpost with an intro to ME..
so,basic info first..i'M a girl..
i LOVE reading and 
i really wanna stand up for those people around the world that are not given the chance to actually enjoy their basic needs...
Its always hard for me to make up my opinion bcoz i was born and raised in 2 different places..(location:not that important)

thats all for now..adios my frenz